Sam's story

We asked Sam if she and her family have been out during the lockdown, if they'll be continuing cycling once the lockdown eases, what their favourite route are and does she have any cycling tips?

This is Sam's story..

"Since lock down our whole family has found a new love for cycling, we have invested in a Wee Ride bike seat which allows Oscar (3) to sit on the front of my bike and enjoy the ride, we now go out as a family at least once or twice a week and do around 6 miles, a personal favourite of ours is to the old train lines in Shepshed, there also some lovely fields and streams en route to sit and enjoy a picnic and a paddle. This is Elliot's (7) favourite time of the week, he's a very keen cyclist who enjoys mountain biking through our local woods or at our local skatepark riding on his BMX. His dad has also invested in a BMX bike so they can enjoy going to the skate park together.

Oscar is very speedy on his balance bike and is now transitioning onto a pedal bike. The Wee ride has allowed us to explore areas further away from our home so Oscar doesn't get tired on his balance bike.

After lockdown we will definitely continue to get out on our bikes at the weekends. I'd also like to invest in a bike rack for our car so we can explore some of the UK on our bikes, the first ride out will be the Monsail trail in Derbyshire"

Thanks Sam!

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