Regular walks 2023

Update: 05/06/2023

Our regular walks include weekly and monthly Ramblers Wellbeing Walks, weekly walks with Loughborough Female Fitness and weekly Nordic Walks.

We've created the Regular walks timetable to replace the Wellbeing Walks timetable so we can include all of the different types of regular walks that we support in one document.

New in this timetable are fortnightly evening 'Twilight Walks' with the Gorse Covert walk leaders, the upcoming dates for the Prostaid walks, and changes to the days of the Loughborough Female Fitness walks.

What are Wellbeing Walks?

Ramblers Wellbeing walks are regular friendly free walks. They are all led by volunteers. They are generally shorter walks, with maximum duration of up to 90mins. Several groups offer a short and fully accessible walk of around 30mins.

If you're looking to get into activity, return to walking, enjoy meeting others then these walks could be ideal for you. They are as much about boosting your mental health & wellbeing as they are keeping in physical shape, but they will help in both areas!

You're welcome to turn up and join in with these walks. At the time of writing we support weekly Wellbeing walks at Anstey, Barrow, Bradgate Park, Loughborough (5) and Shepshed. All details of the Wellbeing Walks we support can be found on the Regular Walks timetable below.

We're always looking for new volunteers. There's unlikely to be a time when we can't get new volunteers involved in supporting existing walks or in developing new walks. We'll provide free training and ongoing support. More info here

Click on the Regular Walks timetable image on this page open up the full document.