UK-wide funding confirmed to 2025 for the muli-sport grassroots facilities programme

Posted: Tue, 17 Jan 2023 10:32

UK-wide funding confirmed to 2025 for the muli-sport grassroots facilities programme

The Government has confirmed the allocation of a £230 million uplift to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for investment in football facilities across the UK.

As part of its ongoing commitment to delivering the grassroots facilities every community needs and levelling up access to high quality pitches, up to a further £168 million will be invested into facilities in England by 2025 - on top of a continued £18m annual commitment. It will be delivered by the Football Foundation - a partnership between the Premier League, The FA, and DCMS - to improve and upgrade pitches and facilities across the country.

This funding will deliver improvements to hundreds of sites, with at least half of the investment going directly to the most deprived areas. It builds on the successful delivery of over £43 million across the UK last year.

Grassroots football clubs, local authorities and schools with a relevant project that could benefit from this investment in the next two financial years are encouraged to contact their relevant delivery partner: the Football Foundation in England; and the relevant Football Association in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Projects in all four home nations will continue to be selected for their ability to deliver improved facilities in deprived areas, support multi-sport use and increase participation among currently underrepresented groups, including women, girls and those with a disability. To ensure that as many people as possible from underrepresented groups are able to access quality sports facilities, 40 percent of the investment will fund sites that support regular use of a sport other than football.

Source: Gov.UK

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