Things to do as a family in Autumn 2022!

Posted: Fri, 05 Aug 2022 11:00

Things to do as a family in Autumn 2022!

As Summer has officially finished for this year, it's time to look ahead to the Autumn months! We've collated a list of Autumn-activities for you and the family to enjoy this Autumn!

1. Take a walk through a forest

With red, yellow and orange leaves spread across the floor, going for a walk in the forest is a family favourite autumn activity. With plenty of forests, parks and open spaces to visit throughout the county, the photo opportunities are endless! You and the little ones may also love jumping into the leaf piles!

2. Visit a deer park

Autumn is the start of rutting season, making it the ideal time to visit a deer park. Whether it's Bradgate Park or Watermead Country Park, there are plenty of deer parks in Leicestershire for you and the family to enjoy! Remember to give them their space and watch from afar!

3. Collect conkers

Whether you're on the school run or walking to the shops, grab a bag and see how many conkers you can collect! You can even use them to play the classic game!

4. Go scarecrow spotting

As we are approaching the 'spooky season', it means scarecrows are likely to appear at harvest festivals! Find a scarecrow festival in Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland and see how many scarecrows you can spot! You'll be sure to find some amazing scarecrow designs!

5. Go on an Autumn picnic

Picnics aren't only for Summer! Admire the carpet of red, yellow and orange leaves from a bench and tuck into your sandwiches and a hot chocolate at a local park/open space! Remember to wrap up warm, and bring plenty of snacks!

6. Tell spooky stories!

Whether it's by a campfire, or a late-night bedtime story, choose something spooky to read to your little ones and get in the mood for Halloween!

7. Find a fireworks display

Fireworks are exciting, aren't they? Celebrate Bonfire Night with a bang and enjoy a firework display near you!

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