Introducing our Active Together Champion, Claire!

Posted: Thu, 6 Jan 2022 13:00

Introducing our Active Together Champion, Claire!

For Claire, running is like therapy. She has always gained enjoyment from physical exercise but never thought she could enjoy running as much as she does now.

Claire believed that running was for fit and young people only, however that all changed in 2015 when she joined a beginners running group in Fleckney. Not only did Claire quickly realise all the social benefits you get from joining a group, but with the guidance and motivation from her run leader, she found that she could run for longer and eventually build up to running 5km!

Claire also does an online exercise group and is doing all she can to stay happy and healthy, whilst working as an intensive care nurse. In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, exercise was essential for Claire on her day's off to switch off from the emotional challenge of each day.

Claire now actively prioritises mental health issues at work and encourages her colleagues to be active and practice self-care.

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