Mat's story

We asked Mat if he and his family have been out during the lockdown, if he'll be continuing cycling once the lockdown eases, what his favourite route is and does if he has any cycling tips?

Have you been out cycling during the lockdown, and how have you found it?

Honestly no because I'd normally cycle to commute as I enjoy cycling and work just a few miles from where i live, but since lockdown I've been working at home so my main form of exercise has been my other favourite outdoor activity of running. I have though loved seeing a lot more people out on their bikes and hope this continues as the lockdown eases.

If you'd been out cycling more do you think you'll continue to do so once the lockdown eases?

I'll be cycling more, and I'm looking forward to it.

What is a favourite cycling route for yourself and/or family?

Locally, I enjoy my commute to work from the south side of Loughborough to the centre. I tend to stick to the cycle paths and my favourite route takes in the path through the lovely Greenbelt area near Mountfields Lodge School, and the paths through beautiful Queen's Park.

Can you say a few words about a memorable cycling experience you've had - whether recently or in the past?

I've been very fortunate to have had the time and resources to undertake some memorable cycling touring holidays in the UK. They've all been great, but my first big tour from Land's End to John O Groats came at a time when I was changing career. I've got great memories of exploring beautiful places, and of how the experience helped to change my life. I've since had great pedal powered holidays in the Hebrides, and following the coast to coast routes.

Do you have any cycling tips you'd like share?

Get your bike in good working order, adjust the position so that you're comfortable and efficient, learn how to mend a puncture, have a look for some nice local routes, start with shorter rides and build up, but most of all just get out and enjoy.

Thanks Mat!

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