Go Getta

Go Getta want young people to have a sense of pride and belonging, and for them to be instilled with the belief that they can achieve their potential. As an organisation, they actively target those young people who are often seen as disenfranchised, 'hard-to-reach' and challenging. They specialise in engaging these young people and helping them to integrate with their peers and community.

Some current Go Getta projects in Charnwood:

- Desire Youth Club

- The Arc Youth Club

- Syston Youth Cafe

- Loughborough Youth Motivators (Detached Youth Work)

- Shelthorpe Youth Motivators (Detached Youth Work)

- Mindful Mentoring

To find out more information about these or any of the other Go Getta projects, visit the Go Getta website: https://go-getta.org.uk/



07939 199 549

07956 668 955